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Environmental Resources Engineering: Dissertations & Theses

Dissertations & Theses Online

Moon Library at ESF has print copies of all Dissertations (Ph.D. level) and Theses (Master's and Undergraduate Honor's) completed at SUNY-ESF through 2015.  These items can be checked out of the library.

Digital ETDs are available at

Some ERE Titles

Here are just a few of the theses and dissertations that have been written by Environmental Resources Engineering graduate students in recent years. Title and author are given, along with the call number that can be used to look on the shelves in the Theses section (stacks 19-20) in Moon Library. You can check the availability of these titles by doing a catalog search by title or author, or find the full-text for some titles online by searching in the Dissertations & Theses @SUNY-ESF database (through 2017) linked to the left. Please note that beginning around 2015, the library no longer receives print copies of theses and dissertations and beginning in 2018 new dissertations and theses are available in Digital Commons @ ESF.

*Please note: Ph.D. dissertations are noted by the lowercase "d" at the end of the call number.


Predicting Water Quality Improvements Resulting From Alternative Hydraulic Management Strategies in a Canal System Using HEC-RAS 4.1.0 / Michael Fox


Assessing Irrigation in Western New York State / Maggie Todaro


Development of a Parsimonious Urban Landscape Nutrient Model using Representations of Terrestrial Denitrification Controls / Emily Stephan

Developing a Vacuum Thermal Stripping - Acid Absorption System for the Recovery of Ammonia from Wastewater and Digestate to Produce Ammonium Sulfate / Anayo Thomas Ukwuani

Understanding Land Use and Land Cover Change: National Forest Dynamics and Regional Willow Crop Environmental Impacts Based on Spatial Modeling and Spatial Life Cycle Assessment / Sheng Yang


Forest-based rolled erosion control products for the sustainable management of forests / Owen Mathias Hunter

Mycorrhizal colonization of Salix spp. in amended Solvay process waste / Marie Ann Schoenberger


Emergent microbial food webs in ecological treatment systems for wastewater: Insight from stable carbon isotopes / Nathan Thomas Barlet

Decadal changes to stream morphology following natural channel design based restoration / Andrea Fortman

Assessment of spent mushroom waste from Pleurotus ostreatus cultivation for removal of Escherichia coli from wastewater / Brandon Haynes


Evapotranspiration monitoring on an inland salt marsh using eddy covariance / Samuel Asare-Adjebeng

An emergy evaluation of labor transformities incorporating traditional ecological knowledge of agroforestry in Lacanja Chansayab, Chiapas, Mexico / Tomasz B. Falkowski

A novel approach for individual tree crown delineation using lidar data / Tao Liu


Restructuring the static constraints of a dwelling: A proposal for responsive housing / Allison Jane Mills M5734

Physics-based algorithms of tree and impervious effects on urban water and energy balances / Yang Yang  Y360d

Large footpring LiDAR data processing for ground detection and biomass estimation / Wei Zhuang – Z4836d


An engineered ecosystem for waste management and food production / Michael Amadori – A476

Spectral analysis of white ash response to emerald ash borer infestations / Laura Calandra C344

Characterizing hydrodynamics and hyperheic impacts of river restoration structures / Tian Zho – Z4881d