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Environmental Resources Engineering: Articles

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Begin searching for articles by first choosing a database.

Databases contain collections of articles. Scroll down in this Databases List if you know which database you would like to search or you want to browse databases by name. Find a few of our favorite databases below.

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Determine peer-review

It can be intimidating to read a technical peer-reviewed article. It can also be difficult to determine which articles are peer-reviewed. Here are some tips that may help you:

-What are the authors' affiliations? Do they have PhDs? Do they currently work in an academic/research institution? 

-Do you see a series of dates (submitted on... accepted on...) anywhere? How current is the issue? Is that important?

-Does the paper conform to traditional scientific journal format, (abstract, intro/literature review, methods, results, discussion, conclusion)?

-Is there a rather long list of references?

-Are there acknowledgments to reviewers, grants, or contributors?

-Does the article look "boring"? Compare it to something like Time or National Geographic.

If you can answer yes to most of these questions you probably have a peer-reviewed journal. If you are having difficulty you can contact a librarian and we would love to help you!

Newspaper articles

Print Newspapers

The current week of The New York Times in print is available at Moon Library's main service desk.

Electronic Newspapers

For a wide variety of news coverage, please explore the resources listed below: