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Environmental Resources Engineering: AMA Citation Style

AMA Style Basics

Reference List 

-References list should list each full citation used in the paper.

-Citations in the references list should be numbered consecutively as they appear in the text of the paper.

-There are variations for references in print and online formats. Format the reference based on the format that was consulted.

-Abbreviate journal titles using the National Library of Medicine abbreviations:

-List up to six authors. If there are more than six,  include et al after the sixth author.

Basic Citation Format


Author Last Name Author First and Middle Initials. Title of article. Name of journal (abbreviated and italicized). Publication year; Volume number(issue):Inclusive pages. doi or URL if citing online version.


Author Last Name Author First and Middle Initials. Title of book. Place of publication: Name of publisher; Year of publication or copyright.

Web Site:

Aurthors (if given). Title of specific page cited. Name of the web site or parent web site. URL. Published date. Updated date. Accessed date.

In-text citations

-Use a superscript number in text to refer to references in the references list.

-In-text citation numbering should begin with the number one and correspond to the first reference in the references list.

-Example: In one study2, it was found that....

Citation Examples

Journal Article (Online)

1. Zeng H, Arashiro M, Giammar DE. Effects of water chemistry and flow rate on arsenate removal by adsorption to an iron oxide-based sorbent. Water Res. 2008;42(18):4629-4636. doi:

2. Kapustka LA. Assessing Ecological Risks at the Landscape Scale: Opportunities and Technical Limitations. Ecol Soc. 2005;10(2):11. Accessed April 9, 2014.

Journal Article (Print)

3. Eisel LM, Mills KD, Leaf CF. Estimated consumptive loss from man made snow. J Am Water Resour Assoc. 1988;24(4):815-820.

Book Chapter

4. Twari R. Environmental engineering solutions. In: Agardy FJ, Nemerow NL, eds. Environmental Solutions. Burlington, MA: Elsevier; 2005:115-125.


5. Ghosh, SN. Environmental Hydrology and Hydraulics: Eco-technological Practices for Sustainable Development. Enfield, NH: Science Publishers; 2006.

Thesis or Dissertation

 6. Shi, S. Numerical modeling of nitrogen removal through simultaneous nitritation, anammox and denitrification processes in biofilters [master's thesis]. Syracuse, NY: SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry; 2012. 

General Website

7. Monitoring and Assessing Water Quality. United State Environmental Protection Agency Web site. Updated December 3, 2014. Accessed April 10, 2014.

Citation Managers

Use a citation manager to help organize sources and format  citations. Below are a couple that Moon Library recommends:




Other Guides

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