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EST 603 Research Methods and Design: Home

This online guide reviews databases that can assist with finding funding & grant resources. Databases covered include PIVOT, the Foundation Directory and Many of databases are very useful for graduate student research.

EST 603 Research Methods & Design

EST 603



This course surveys foundations of (especially, social) scientific research methods and design. All master's and PhD students in Environmental Studies, Environmental Science, Natural Resources Management, Landscape Architecture, or other fields with a 'human dimensions' or policy aspect to their research are welcome. Topics include the scientific method; research ethics; research design; measurement; sampling; quantitative, qualitative, and multimethod data collection techniques; data analysis and interpretation; and research proposal development. Students learn how to define a research question, explore the strengths and limitations of a variety of social science research methods, gain practical experience with several data collection methods, and draft a preliminary research proposal. Following completion of this course, it is expected that students will conduct further, in-depth study of those method(s) of data collection and analysis most appropriate to their research topic, research question(s), and field(s) of study.

Library Guide to EST 603

This guide is designed to help you with the research assignments of EST 603.  Please stop by the reference desk at Moon Library for additional assistance.You may also find it useful to consult other Subject Guides which are available on a wide range of topics. We also have a 24/7 Library FAQ available - where you can search an existing FAQ list or send us a new question.  Also consider taking ESF 200, Information Literacy, as this class will help you throughout your academic endeavors.

Introduction to Finding Grants by the Foundation Center

Introduction to Grant Writing

Grantwriting 101