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EST 603 Research Methods and Design: ESF Grants

This online guide reviews databases that can assist with finding funding & grant resources. Databases covered include PIVOT, the Foundation Directory and Many of databases are very useful for graduate student research.

ESF Graduate School Listings

ESF Graduate School listings

- Non-ESF funding sources:

- ESF graduate travel grants: - for travel to present findings at professional meetings

- Edna Bailey Sussman Foundation: - great source for research conducted in cooperation w/ local organizations

Professional Associations

Professional associations


- Student membership is inexpensive for most professional associations. Many such associations have small grant programs & cash awards to support innovative research, including by graduate students, and to help grads participate in annual association meetings

Other ESF Resources

Other ESF resources

- Dept. of Forest & Natural Resource Management Tropical Social Forestry Fund:

- Office of Career Services Internship listings - masters students might consider a 'research internship', undertaken in cooperation with an internship sponsor

- Graduate Student Association grants & awards:




- If your work involves accessing specialized/ archival collections at various libraries around the US or even abroad, many libraries or affiliated institutions have small grants to cover travel & accommodation expenses for accessing those collections. E.g., the Chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia has small grants for scholars wishing to access their substantial archives on the US chemical industry. Here is the link for the CHS Fellowships