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Chemistry @ESF: Dissertations & Theses

Dissertations & Theses Online

Moon Library at ESF has print copies of all Dissertations (Ph.D. level) and Theses (Master's and Undergraduate Honor's) completed at SUNY-ESF through 2015.  These items can be checked out of the library.

Most theses and dissertations from the 1980s to 2017 can also be found in the ProQuest Dissertations & Theses at SUNY-ESF database. Beginning in 2018, all new theses and dissertations are available in Digital Commons @ ESF.

Some FCH Titles

Here are just a few of the theses and dissertations that have been written by FCH students in the past years. Title and author are given, along with the call number that can be used to look on the shelves in the Theses section (stacks 19-20) in Moon Library. You can check the availablility of these titles by doing a catalog search by title or author, or find the full-text for some titles online by searching in the Dissertations & Theses @SUNY-ESF database linked below.

*Please note: Ph.D. dissertations are noted by the lowercase "d" at the end of the call number.


Theoretical Study on BrHg Radical Reacting with Atmospherically Abundant Radicals / Yuge Jiao


Electrochemical reformation of levulinic acid and short-chain aliphatic acids and electrochemical polymerization of dicarboxylic acids / Mingyu Li


Characterization and electrochemical application of carbon materials based on poly(phenylene oxide) / Hunter Gray

Determination of taste and odor (T&O) causing compounds in drinking water using modified monitor of non-ionic organic residues (MONITOR) / Smriti Sharma


Fate and detection of microcystin-LR and its metabolites in the environment / Justine Smith

An investigation of the marine acrylate cycle / Inger Marie Bergo Tyssebotn

Engineering Escherichia coli for production of advanced biofuels / Xian Wang

Nanoprecipitation of cellulose acetate spheres: Particle preparation, characterization and stability / Zhao Xingfei


Experimental and theoretical studies of the kinetics of methoxy radical reacting with oxygen molecules / Hongyi Hu – H846d

Theoretical kinetics studies of two model reactions in biodiesel and diesel combustion / Yuan Sha – S450

Development of systems and methods for repeating unit and physical property control for poly[(R)-3-hydroxyalkanoates] produced in Escherichia coli / Ryan C. Tappel – T366d


Time-intergrating passive samplers for organic contaminants in water: Field calibration and comparison with grab samples in Onondaga Lake, NY / Jennifer M. Croskrey – C740

Reactions of iscsahedral carboranes with inorganic and organic azides / Kathleen J. Saxton – S269

Kinetic studies of reaction of benzyloxy radical with oxygen by relative rate constant method / Yue Zeng – Z4321