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Environmental Science: Dissertations & Theses

This guide lists resources relevant to those in the Environmental Science division at SUNY ESF.

Dissertations & Theses Online

Moon Library at ESF has print copies of all Dissertations (Ph.D. level) and Theses (Master's and Undergraduate Honor's) completed at SUNY-ESF through 2015.  These items can be checked out of the library.

Most theses and dissertations from the 1980s to 2017 can also be found in the ProQuest Dissertations & Theses at SUNY-ESF database. Beginning in 2018, all new theses and dissertations are available in Digital Commons @ ESF.

Some ENS Titles

Here are just a few of the theses and dissertations that have been written by Environmental Science graduate students in recent years. Title and author are given, along with the call number that can be used to look on the shelves in the Theses section (stacks 19-20) in Moon Library. You can check the availability of these titles by doing a catalog search by title or author, or find the full-text for some titles online by searching in the Dissertations & Theses @SUNY-ESF database (through 2017) linked below. Please note that beginning around 2015, the library no longer receives print copies of theses and dissertations and beginning in 2018 new dissertations and theses are available in Digital Commons @ ESF.

*Please note: Ph.D. dissertations are noted by the lowercase "d" at the end of the call number.



Urban Foraging for Food Security and Food Sovereignty: Quantifying Edible Forest Yield in Syracuse, New York Using Five Common Fruit- and Nut-Producing Street Trees / Avalon Hayes Bunge

Effects of Calcium, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus Fertilization on Foliar Nutrient Dynamics of Three Northern Hardwood Tree Species / Kara E. Gonzales

A Wilderness Paradox: Deconstructing Conflict in the Adirondack Park / Cheryl A. Sandrow


Air pollution and environmental justice in the Great Lakes region / Bryan Comer

Stakeholder perceptions of forest-derived bioenergy in Maine, USA / David A. Oster

An international partnership approach to clean energy technology innovation: Carbon capture and storage / Xiaoliang Yang


Walking the talk? Examining the practical application of models of science communication in long-term ecological research site / Laura Bartock

Factors of loss and restoration of Vallisneria americana in the Hudson River estuary / L. Jonas Hamberg

Implementation of wildlife corridors through local land use planning: Local government perspectives on what works and why / Tutku Ak


Understanding pesticide use on Santa Cruz Island, Ecuador: A case study and trade-off analysis of island farmers and relevant stakeholders / Megan O'Connor; O26 Moon Library Theses & Dissertations

Mediated sustenance: The online news media discourse of sustainability, food, and agriculture in the Anthropocene / Paul Esposito; E87 Moon Library Theses & Dissertations

Indoor environmental quality and infant health: Exposure to indoor allergens and endotoxin and associations with eczema and wheeze in the first year of life / Judith A. Crawford; C7394d Moon Library Archives Theses & Dissertations


Determinants of Domestic Water Use by Rural Households: A Case Study from Sunderbans, India / Tanushree Chowdhury; C5574d Moon Library Theses & Dissertations

The role of a social marketing campaign in promoting environmental behavior change in Yuhe Provincial Nature Reserve, Gansu Province, China / Tingting Yin; Y558 Moon Library Theses & Dissertations

Feeding and fueling the cities of the 21st century: Implications of declining energy quality and availability on the future growth and development of urban areas / Stephen B. Balogh; B356d Moon Library Theses & Disserations


How socio-demographic factors and the physical environment shape resident attitudes towards green infrastructure in Syracuse, NY / Catherine M. Foley; F624 Moon Library Theses & Dissertations

Development of a stormwater model for testing the hydrological effectiveness of green infrastructure implementation scenarios in urban sewersheds / Ning Sun; S9348d Moon Library Theses & Dissertations

Farm Level Knowledge, Risk Perception, Concern, and Adaptation to Climate Change: A Perspective from Saurastra and Kutch Region of Western India / Dineshkumar P. Moghariya; M6235d Moon Library Theses & Dissertations