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Poster Design: Printing on Campus

Whether you are planning to present at the Spotlight on Student Research or gearing up for your conference poster presentation, this guide should help you avoid some of the most common mistakes and provide some ideas to help you get started.

Baker labs

Baker Labs have large format printing. The printer is located just behind the Help Desk and is available whenever Baker Labs are open.

You can print larger format posters up to 36" wide in color.

Print quota are used so make sure you have enough! Full details are available here:

Printing at SU

You can also print at SU using your SU print quota. Find locations here:

  • Your SU print quota is different from your ESF print quota

Instructional Technology Service

You can print at ITS which is located on the Lower Level of Moon Library.

Clients must leave media to be printed at the ITS Help Desk during normal business hours (usually 8am-4pm). Clients my also provide the print job file electronicly via email to and provide the same account information.

Please be prepared to provide a valid State or Research Foundation account number when you make your large format printing arrangements with ITS. 

A minimum for any order is two business days so be sure you plan ahead. 

Full details can be found here: