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SciFinder for SUNY ESF: Exporting Citations

Saved Answer Sets

SciFinder lets you combine a previously saved answer set with your currently active answer set. Both answer sets must be the of the same type: reference, substance, or reaction. Click here for help.

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EndNote, ProCite, and Reference Manager Instructions

To export ciations from SciFinder to EndNote, ProCite, and Reference Manager:

  • First save the references in the Tagged format.
  • Then import the file of tagged records into the bibliographic database application using a "filter" that tells the application what to do with the information in the file.
  • By default, filters for EndNote, ProCite, and Reference Manager are part of your SciFinder installation. Look for the folder named Filters in your installation folder.
  • Filters for SciFinder are also supplied in all three bibliographic management programs and may be edited in those programs.

(via CAS Help)

See Also

*If you are just getting started, you may also want to consult the Citation Styles guide which has a quick overviews of the ACS and APA styles.

*The CAS Source Index (CASSI) is another great resource for help putting together citations by providing journal abbreviations and publication information.