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Chemical Engineering: Dissertations & Theses

Dissertations & Theses Online

Moon Library at ESF has print copies of all Dissertations (Ph.D. level) and Theses (Master's and Undergraduate Honor's) completed at SUNY-ESF through 2015.  These items can be checked out of the library.

Most theses and dissertations from the 1980s to 2017 can also be found in the ProQuest Dissertations & Theses at SUNY-ESF database. Beginning in 2018, all new theses and dissertations are available in Digital Commons @ ESF.

Some PBE Titles

Here are just a few of the thesis and dissertations* that have been written by PBE students in the past five years. Title and author are given, along with the call number that can be used to look on the shelves in the Theses section (stacks 19-20) in Moon Library. You can check the availablility of these titles by doing a catalog search by title or author, or find the full-text for some titles online by searching in the Dissertations & Theses @SUNY-ESF database linked below.*Please note: Ph.D. dissertations are noted by the lowercase "d" at the end of the call number.


A study on induction of cellulase production by microbulbifer hydrolyticus using hot-water wood extraction / Karen Arens

Recovery of lignin from hot water extracts of sugar maple: Valorization by catalytic fast pyrolysis / Derek Corbett

Growth kinetics of Chinese hamster ovary cells / Abigail McNinch


Hot water extraction and acid hydrolysis of dried distillers grain / Hanchi Chen

Biological study of diptera: Stratiomyidae, Hermetia illucens and evaluation of uptake and biodistribution of gold nanoparticles using electron microscopy / Fernanda Rocha de Oliveira

Radiation Curing of Natural Fiber Composite / Liu Xueyuan


Removal of an emerging contaminant (tris-2-chloroethyl phosphate) from water and wastewater through adsorption to zeolite beta / Scott Grieco

Use of Poly-Lactic acid (PLA) to enhance properties of paper based on recycled pulp / Anh Tuan Le

Sustainable production of the biodegradable polymer polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) from hardwood extract hydrolysates through green recovery by enzymatic digestion / Yuanzhen Wang - W364d


Studies of lignocellulosics processing: Microfiltration, flocculation and saccharification in biorefineries / Bhavin Vijay Bhayani – B439d

Effects of bicarbonate and carbonate anions on chemical pulp bleaching by hydrogen peroxide / Nihar Ranjan Das D376

Studies of ethanol production from hemicellulose hydrolysates derived from wood biomass / Alan M. Shupe – S587d


Analysis of liquid penetration in paper structures by advanced imaging techniques  / Beth Ann Arthur A790d

Calcium hydroxide as an alternative alkali for the oxygen delignification of Kraft pulp / Bardhyl Bajrami B3283

Statistical modeling of biological reactors and unit operations associated with wastewater treatment processes / James Malerba M2744