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The Works of William Harlow: Box Lists

This LibGuide was created by Jane Verostek, Associate Librarian at Moon Library at the SUNY College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry. This LibGuide will give an overview of the works of William Harlow - his photography, film work and publications.

Carton 1

Estimated & Approx. Date Files Name Series (See Scope & Content Note)
1924 1924 L (correspondence) Correspondence Files
1935 1935 w/ Louis E Wise Correspondence Files
1964 1964 M (correspondence) Correspondence Files
1975 1975 K (correspondence) Correspondence Files
1978 1978 W (correspondence) Correspondence Files
1981 w/ Dr. A. C. Carder "Canada's Tallest Tree" Correspondence Files
1979-80 American Forestry Association Ed: W Rooney Correspondence Files
1975 "Crosscut Saws" (correspondence) Correspondence Files
1974 w/ D. K. Bailey Correspondence Files
1975 w/ Dee Seton Barber re: Ernest Thompson Seton Correspondence Files
1979 Films & Photos Correspondence Correspondence Files
1978, 1980 (on) Hough's Encyclopedia of American Woods Correspondence Files
1969-77 w/ Irving Adler 1969-1977 Correspondence Files
1951 w/ Kenneth Roberts, "Dowsing" Correspondence Files
1949 Letter, October 10, 1949 Correspondence Files
1977-78 "Lug Soles" w/ Donaldson Correspondence Files
undated Misc. Correspondence Correspondence Files
1959-86(?) Misc. Correspondence (Found items) Correspondence Files
1981 w/ Dr. Philip G. Hoddock "Canada's Largest Tree" Correspondence Files
undated "Pubs excetera" Correspondence Files
undated Research Correspondence Correspondence Files
1976 Dr. W M Gould Vinal obituary Correspondence Files
1984 Ways of the Woods Correspondence Correspondence Files
1942-44 World War II correspondence (6 folders) Correspondence Files
1955-56 Golden Reel Awards Personal Artifacts/Objects
1955 Golden Reel Film Festival 1955 Program Personal Artifacts/Objects
undated Personal Materials (misc.) Personal Artifacts/Objects
undated White Birch Bark Personal Artifacts/Objects
undated "Anatomy" [wood] Photographs
undated "Angio. Fruits" Photographs
undated "Bark" Photographs
undated "Cones & Seeds" "Yew" Photographs
undated "Education" Photographs
undated "Flowers" "& Conifers" Photographs
1980 Guide to the Color Prints (12 framed prints) Photographs
undated "Leaves Tree Rings" Photographs
undated Misc. Photos (2 envelopes) Photographs
undated Patterns, assorted  Photographs
undated Photos of Harlow (5, sleeved) Photographs
undated "Pine Needles" Photographs
undated "Twigs" Photographs
undated 16mm Film Produced/for the College Subject Files
1981 Camping Education (3 folders) Subject Files
undated Dawn Redwood [publications about textbook] Subject Files
undated "Dendrologist's Newsletter" Subject Files
1954 Films & Photography: Articles Subject Files
1965 Films re: Wards Bulletin Subject Files
undated "Infra-red" Subject Files
undated "Ketchledge Reprints" Subject Files
undated Maps, ephemeral Subject Files
undated Maps, New York, topographic Subject Files
undated Maps, topographic Subject Files
1971 "Picts. Hookway Oak" "Big Black Oak" Subject Files
1973 Publications Inside Wood Subject Files
1975 William Gould Vinal Subject Files
1978 "7th Ed. TBK Dendrology!" Writings
1927 1927, manuscript Writings
1947 1947, manuscript Writings
1984 1984, manuscript, "Camping, National Camp" Writings
undated Cedar of Lebanon in Turkey Writings
1932 [?] "Cell Wall V" "Sawdust Hd. & Sft. wd. Lignin" Writings
1933 "Cell Wall VI" "Further on Lignin" Writings
1938 [?] "Cell Wall VII" "Brake Fern Cellulose" Writings
1938 [?] "Cell Wall VIII" "Moss Cellulose" Writings
1939 "Cell Wall IX" "Further Studies on Location etc."  Writings
1940 [?] "Cell Wall X" "Behavior of Thin Sections" Writings
1941 "Cell Wall XI" "Failure to Separate" "XII" "Sal. Green" Writings
1928 "Chuzn [?]" "of Wood Rays" Writings
1944 "Conpreg [?]" Writings
1928 [?] "Contr. Cell Wall II Liquification etc." Writings
1930 [?] "Contrib. Cell Wall III & IV Stains & HH [?]" Writings
1975 "Crosscut Saws" (writings) Writings
1939 "Ethanolamine on Woody Tissue" Writings
1984 "Excerpts from Moosewood's Notebook" Writings
1943 w/ Frank E Egler, Ecologist Writings
1969 "Growing UV Lignin" Writings
undated [Index cards -- notes/citations] Writings
undated "An Intro to Topographic Map Reading" (manuscript) Writings
undated Leaves 3 of 3 [rename to "Clues to Leaves"] Writings
undated Maps, Harlow's Model Writings
1927 "Middle Lamella" Writings
undated Names of US Timber Trees Writings
undated [Notebook] Writings
undated Poison Ivy (pamphlet, 2 copies) Writings
1942, 1950 Trees of the United States and Canada (3 copies w/ corrections) Writings
undated Twig Key Writings
undated "The Weather -- How does it get that way?" Writings
undated Woodworking Digest Writings
1943 World War II Field Course Writings
1941-42 World War II Sabbatical Tour Writings
1925 Writings as member of class of 1925 Writings

Carton 2

Estimated & Approx. Date File Name Series (See Scope & Content Note)
undated "Acer & Holly" [?] Photographs
undated "Ailanthus" "Sesculus" [?] "Catalpa" "Diospeyros" [?] "Cornus" [?] "Sassafras" "Nyssa" Photographs
undated "Auacar diaceae" [?] Photographs
undated "Birches orig." Photographs
undated "bld [?] & New picts 5th Ed. TBD" "5th" Photographs
undated "Carya" [?] "except paper sh. pecan & C. glibra" [?] Photographs
undated "Castanea Fagus [?] & White Oaks" Photographs
undated "Confier seedlings" "Tamarack" "Balsam fir" "Ginkgo" Photographs
undated "Cupressaceae" [?] Photographs
undated "Enlargements Confiers TV" Photographs
undated "Fraximus" Photographs
undated "Hard Pines" Photographs
undated "Hdivd [?] Seedlings" "Sierra profile" "white ash twigs fast & slow" Photographs
undated "Juglans" Photographs
1975 "Lacona Pines [?] 1922 & 1972!" "P. Std. 1975 story" Subject Files
undated "Legunimosae" [?] Photographs
undated "Liquidam [?] for Hanamelis" Photographs
undated "Low Power-Neg. Prints" "Native Woods" "Sum. Camp Yosemite, etc." Photographs
undated "Magnoliaceae" Photographs
undated "Misc." Photographs
undated "Morus Tilia" Photographs
undated "Orig. Fruit Key Photos (Plates)" "black tupelo" Photographs
undated "Original Photos Pine Needle Bul. [?]" Photographs
undated "Picea" "lueonplite" [?] Photographs
undated "Ponderosa Pine Bark Plates" Photographs
undated "Populus & Salix" [?] Photographs
1965 "Prints Burning Redwood box" Photographs
undated "Red Oaks" Photographs
undated "Rosaceae" [?] Photographs
undated "Soft Pines" Photographs
undated "Sycamore orig." Photographs
undated "Taxa diaceae" [?] "Taxales & Taxaceae" [?] Photographs
undated "Trees of East. U.S. & Canada" Photographs
undated "Twig Key Photos" Photographs
undated "Ulmus [?] & Celtis" Photographs
undated "Wood Book & Xtras" "Patterns Book Photos Xtras" Photographs
undated "Xtra Prints TB Dend" Photographs
undated china cabinet Photographs
1955 Golden Reel Award Photographs Photographs
1940 Life Magazine Story Photographs
undated Maps, photographs 8x10 Photographs
1981 Moon Dedication Event & Class of 1981 Photographs
undated Onondoga County Events Photographs
undated Patterns of Life Photographs

Carton 3

Title Copies Duplicated Elsewhere?
Art Forms from Plant Life 2 --  both inscribed No -- bound book is unique
Contributions to Chemistry of the Plant Cell Wall   Yes -- Harlow's files
Fruit Key and Twig Key to Trees and Shrubs 1 No
Fruit Key to Northeastern Trees 1 No
Inside Wood 3 -- 2 inscribed (to library & archives) Yes -- correction copy
New Leica Manual 1 -- inscribed TO Harlow No
Patterns of Life 1 No
Poison Ivy and Poison Sumac 3 No -- this edition is unique
Textbook of Dendrology 4 -- none Harlow's Yes -- correction copies
The Effect of Site on the Structure and Growth of White Cedar Thuya occidentalis L 2 No
Trees of the Eastern United States and Canada 2 -- both inscribed Yes -- correction copies
Ways of the Woods 1 No -- bound book is unique

Boxes 1=14

Estimated & Approx. Date File Name Series (See Scope & Content Note)
Box 1      
undated Wallet [?] Personal Artifacts/Objects
1957-82 (inc.) Diaries/Daybooks Writings -- Diaries/Daybooks
Box 2      
undated Leaves (6 bags) Photographs and Negatives
undated Msc. Negatives & Slides Photographs and Negatives
undated Misc. Prints & Negatives Photographs and Negatives
undated Misc. Prints Photographs and Negatives
undated Misc. rolled negatives [very stiff -- use caution] Photographs and Negatives
Box 3      
1986 Inside Wood correction copy Writings
1950-1979 Textbook of Dendrology (3rd-6th editions) correction copies Writings
Box 4   Ways of the Woods  
1976 Permissions - Ways of the Woods (2 folders, with index) Correspondence Files
1980 Ways of the Woods - publication correspondence Correspondence Files
undated Guide(s) to negatives Photographs and Negatives
1976 Ways of the Woods negatives Photographs and Negatives
undated Ways of the Woods prints/plates [loose] Photographs and Negatives
undated Ways of the Woods - collected writings, annotated Writings
Box 5      
1942 Trees of the Eastern United States and Canada [papers] Correspondence Files
undated Certificates Personal Artifacts/Objects
1942 Copyright Certificate of Registration -- Twig Key Illustrations, Motion Picture Personal Artifacts/Objects
undaed Film Flyers & Announcements Personal Artifacts/Objects
1950s & 60s Film & Photography Certificates, 1950s-60s Personal Artifacts/Objects
1951 Henry Gross and His Dowsing Rod [gift to Harlow] Personal Artifacts/Objects
1977 Seven Sections From the Dreams of Jesse Bowman [gift to Harlow] Personal Artifacts/Objects
undated Scrapbook Files (7 folders) Personal Artifacts/Objects
undated Canoe Photographs and Negatives
undated Crafts Photographs and Negatives
undated Dendrology Photographs and Negatives
undated Dr. Harlow Photographs and Negatives
undated Misc. Photographs and Negatives
undated Trees Photographs and Negatives
Box 6   Inside Wood  
1973 [?] Misc. Inside Wood correspondence Correspondence Files
1970 Illustrative Plates (10 folders) Photographs and Negatives
undated "OVERS" "Mounted photos ... not used" Photographs and Negatives
undated Misc. Photos Photographs and Negatives
undated "Photos Wood" Photographs and Negatives
undated "Wood Photos & other Anatomy" Photographs and Negatives
undated "Xtra Wood Book Prints" Photographs and Negatives
Box 7   Dendrology  
undated Boxes and envelopes of negatives Photographs and Negatives
undated Negatives on 35mm film (2 canisters) Photographs and Negatives
undated Negatives roll  Photographs and Negatives
Box 8   Art Forms  
1976 Misc. Art Forms black and white prints (loose) Photographs and Negatives
Box 9      
1928-39 Harlow & Wise Reprint Articles Writings
1967 Preview Article -- Patterns of Life (reprint) Writings
undated Reprint Articles Writings
1977 Reprint Article -- Stop Walking Away the Wilderness Writings
undated Reprints Writings
1950s [?] "Seedling Forest Trees" Writings
1952 "The Weather -- How Does it Get That Way?" Writings
1923 "Week-End Trips to the Adirondacks" (2 copies) Writings
Box 10    Dendrology  
undated Negatives [Harlow's names to be recorded on refoldering] Photographs and Negatives
Box 11       
undated Illustrative Plates Photographs and Negatives
Box 12      
undated Misc. Negatives Photographs and Negatives
Box 13    
1979 Textbook of Dendrology 6th edition galley (flat box) Writings
Box 14    
undated Misc. Photographs Photographs and Negatives

Harlow's Prints

Series   Framed Prints with Guide (displayed in library)  
Wooden box of 22 black & white prints donated by Harlow to archives Donated to the Archives 1979