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Open Educational Resources at SUNY ESF: Search Tips and Other Resources

Blended Learning

Wikiis and Commons

The Cost of Knowledge

OER Commons
The network that brings together 47,237 OER, tools for sharing curriculum with the world, and news and training on the brave new world of open education.

HippoCampus is a free, core academic web site that delivers rich multimedia content--videos, animations, and simulations--on general education subjects to middle-school and high-school teachers and college professors, and their students, free of charge.

ROARMap List of registered Open Access Mandates

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Florida Orange Grove OER Repository

Florida's digital repository for instructional resources. The repository provides an environment for educators to search for, use, remix, share, and contribute educational resources. The repository can also be integrated with your Learning Management Systems (e.g., Blackboard, Desire 2 Learn, Canvas) . Discover, contribute, and import repository resources directly from your LMS. 

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Wikiversity is committed both to conventional learning patterns and resources, and to innovation and experimentation. Wikiversity is open to reconceptualising how web education can occur and how open educational resources can be made, and we are open to new ideas about the use of the Mediawiki environment for learning and research

 is a global community resource supported by the Open Education Resource Foundation, an independent non-profit based at Otago Polytechnic for the development of free educational content. The Commonwealth of Learning provides financial support to the OER Foundation.


Videos and Discussions

The Open Education Consortium has a YouTube channel where many videos regarding various aspects of OER are posted regularly.

Articles, White Papers, and Presentations

I2NY Licensing Manifesto

Library Journal Periodical Price Survey 2014

Stanford University Press Awarded $12Million for publishing interactive scholarly works

Can the Monograph survive?

Bringing Science to the Masses

What’s Going on in the Library? Part 1: Librarian Publishers May Be More Important Than You Think

Congress,Tech Have Their Eyes on Rethinking the Textbook - And Educators Should Too. - Wired Magazine

Open Textbooks and Open SUNY Textbooks: Cooperative Strategies for Reducing the Costs of Textbooks.  Katherine Pitcher, Mary Jo Orzech, and Stephen Weiter, Educause presentation, October, 2014

Open-Source Textbooks can Drive Down the Overall Cost of College, Maria Millard, Sept 2014

NMC Horizon Report - Library Edition 2014


Evaluating Big Deal Journal Bundles

The Future of the Book

The roles of libraries an dinformation professionals in Opern Educational Resources (OER) initiatives: Survey Report CAPLE/JISC CETIS. August 2012 URI:

Rosen, Rebbecca J.  The Hole in Our Collective Memory Atlantic Monthly 30 July 2013

Jenica Rogers' Presentation at the 2013 Charleston Conference Video

Yglesias, Matthew, "Amazon is doing the word a favor by crushing book publishers" VOX 22 October 2014

Howey, Hugh C. "Two Important Publishing Facts Everyone Gets Wrong"  27 October 2014

Ithaka S+R US Library Survey 2013

UNESCO:  Open Access to Scientific Information