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Data Management Planning: Resources

ESF's Institutional Repository

Experts at ESF is a digital repository and publication platform designed to collect, preserve, and make accessible the scholarly output of ESF faculty, students, staff, and affiliates.  Experts at ESF is built on the Esploro platform, a research information management solution created by ExLibris/Clarivate.  

Examples of possible content include:

  • Published articles or preprints when copyright and/or license allow
  • Books or book chapters when copyright and/or license allow
  • Open access content
  • Conference papers
  • Technical reports
  • Honors projects, senior theses, and other distinguished student work
  • Datasets
  • Institutional or organizational newsletters, reports, and related materials
  • Image collections or audiovisual materials, either primary or supplementary.

Esploro allows research assets to be managed in a single place and is organized by output type, department and research centers, and individual researchers.  The Esploro machine learning algorithm (Smart Harvesting AI) matches scholars with their research work, enhancing academic discovery and providing an accurate representation of research output.  

Learn more about data management

EFB/FOR 797- 1 credit offered in the spring. ESF faculty and library faculty collaborate to educate graduate students about data management. 


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