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Making Simple Media Projects: Basic Tools

This guide shares several ways how you can create audio and video projects using simple and freely available tools.

Media Projects

In today's world, sharing your ideas and discoveries using video and audio on the web is a great way to reach a wide and diverse audience. It's quite possible to create effective, high resolution and high quality content using only simple and freely available tools which this guide explores.

Audacity for Podcasts and Audio Projects

If you want to record and edit audio to share online in order to produce a podcast or other audio project, Audacity is a great and free program you can use.

It is available here:

Audacity is Free Open Source Software (meaning it will always be free) and is available for Windows, Macintosh and Linux computers.

The video below goes over everything you need to know to get started using Audacity:



Screencasting Videos

A screencast is a video that captures the action that takes place on a computer. They are commonly used to share software tutorials like those shared in this guide, but can be used for much more. Screencasting is an excellent way to capture a video of a presentation using a slide-show program like PowerPoint or Google Slides. It can also be a valuable way to enhance audio content, allowing you to augment your narration with images and reach more platforms with your end product.

Using Xbox Game Bar to create a simple screencast

This quick tutorial shows you how you can use a free feature built into Windows 10 to create a simple screencast video.

Librarian Casey Koons