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What can you find in SciFinder?

* More than 28 million single- and multi-step reactions, and more than 16 million synthetic preparations
* More than 2 billion predicted and experimental properties
* The CAS REGISTRYSM database - the original source and final authority for CAS Registry Numbers - updated daily
* All patent records, meeting CAS selection criteria, from 9 of the major patent offices are available online within 2 days of the patents' issuance
* Sequences combined from CAS and GenBank databases, which are indexed and linked to scientific journal and patent literature

SciFinder Mobile

You can now access SciFinder from your PDA, iPad, or other mobile device.  In order to gain mobile access, go to: from your mobile device's browser.  For more information on SciFinder Mobile go to:

About SciFinder

SciFinder is a research discovery tool that provides access to research from many scientific disciplines, including biomedical sciences, chemistry, engineering, materials science, agricultural science, and more! Find out more by watching this e-brochure:

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News and Updates

April 2014:

   -Session timeout has increased to 60 minutes.

   -Continued improvements to the non-Java structure editor and commercial sources.

   -NEW! "Need-to-Know" videos covering real-world applications of SciFinder features and capabilities -

   -See other SciFinder news here:

December 2013: New direct PDF link in reference answer sets, reference detail, and reaction detail. These direct links will go directly to the full text of the article or patent.

October 2013: New stucture editor that does not require a JAVA plug-in for web browsers. Other enhancements include analyzing reactions by reagents, quick view feature for substance details, increased availability of tutorials, and others.

June 2013: SciFinder has an updated interface and some new features.

August, 5, 2012: A new CAS website was launched and many URLs changed.  All links on this guide are updated; please update your links and bookmarks.

April 1, 2012: SUNY ESF now has unlimited seats in SciFinder and access to the substructure module of SciFinder.

June 30, 2011: The desktop cliet formerly provided for SciFinder was terminated and the log-in for the desktop client is no longer valid.  You must register for a web client ID if you have not done so.


Ruth Owens
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