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The Research Process: From Assignment to Finished Papers: Welcome

This guide contains information presented at workshops held jointly by Moon Library and the Writing Resource Center.


Welcome to this guide about the research writing process which presents information from The Research Process workshops given by Moon Library and the Writing Resource Center. This guide is intended to help you through out the process of writing a research paper or lab report which includes: choosing your topic, developing a research question, finding relevant sources and evaluating them, formulating a thesis statement, formulating arguments, citing your sources, and proof reading and revising your paper. Click on the tabs above to access more information about the different parts of the research process.

Helpful Resources

  • Writing Resource Center - Get assistance writing papers, make an appointment, attend workshops
  • Moon Library Research Guides - Helpful tips and resources on a variety of topics, courses, and library services
  • Citation Managers Guide - Learn about how a citation manager can help you organize and cite sources
  • ESOL Center - The ESOL Center at ESF provides high quality academic support in English as a second language and orientation in U.S. culture to international students who are nonnative speakers of English. 


WRC Coordinator