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Citation Managers: Why Use a Citation Manager?

This guide features citation managers Zotero and Mendeley. We also share information about how to move references from platform to platform.

What Are Citation Managers?

Citation managers capture metadata (title, author, etc.) directly from records and sources. You can use them to collect and organize citations from library and web resources. They integrate with word processing software, so you can easily insert already formatted in-text citations and bibliographies into papers. 

Beyond these general functions, citation managers offer different options for storing and annotating full text, sharing research with colleagues, and finding new research.

How to Choose a Citation Manager:

To choose the citation manager that is best for you, consider your priorities and research patterns. For example, is working in groups a priority? Highlighting and annotating PDFs? Using a particular word processor or database?

This guide compares the features offered by Zotero and Mendeley, two frequently used, mostly free citation managers, and provides instructions for downloading and beginning to use them. The information in this guide comes from the Zotero and Mendeley websites.

Why Use a Citation Manager?

Citation managers can help you:

  • Store all your research in one place so it's easy to find, organize, and use
  • Easily remember, access, and reorganize sources found months or years ago
  • Save time formatting your articles or papers
  • Share bibliographies or even full text with collaborators
  • Discover new resources and contacts

Mendeley & Zotero

Citation Manager Workshops

Citation Managers – Mendeley & Zotero                   

Thursday, February 29, 2024 at 11 am

Presenters: Ruth Owens, Casey Koons, & Hanna Seraji

Location: 104 Marshall  Managing your research articles and citing them can be a time consuming task. There are many tools available to make this task easier, streamline the reading and citation process, and make creating bibliographies easy. Prepare to be “wowed” with how much time can be saved with these tools! Please bring your laptop or device, if you have one.