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Ranger School Quick Start Research Guide: Citing Your Sources

Why should I cite?

Are you using someone else's ideas or words? If you answered yes, you should cite your source.

Failing to cite is considered plagiarism and violates SUNY ESF's Copyright and Academic Integrity Policies. Both are listed on the Library's Copyright Guide.

by Bainbridge State College

How Do I Cite?

How can I organize and manage all my sources?

For small projects, handwritten or typed notes will work just fine. Just make sure you note the author, title, year, volume/issue, journal title, publisher, page numbers, and any other information you will need to properly cite your source.

For larger projects, you might want to consider using a citation management system such as Zotero. These products allow you to save, store, and manage citations, files, and generate bibliographies different citation styles.