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EFB 102: General Biology : Start Here

Library Guide to EFB 102

This guide is designed to help you with the scientific literature components of EFB 102.  Please stop by the reference desk at Moon Library for additional assistance.

You may also find it useful to consult other Subject Guides which are available on a wide range of topics.  In particular, ESF Quick Start Research Guide will give you some basic information about the resources and services available at your library.  In addition, ESF students have access to all resources at Syracuse University Libraries.

Also consider taking ESF 200, Information Literacy, as this class will help you throughout your academic endeavors.

The Tabs Above Correspond to the Assignment

Use the tabs above to find help with each of the tasks associated with the Literature Review portion of this assignment:

To do

  • Find two (2) peer-reviewed, primary research papers or review articles related to the forest herbaceous community study we have been conducting.   
  • Print out the first page of each journal article so that the full citations and abstracts are available. 
  • Provide the list of key words you used in the search that yielded these articles.
  • Provide the following information for each of the two articles:
    • a proper, complete citation using the American Psychological Association (APA) style (guidance is available online at:
      • Examples of the APA citation style are also provided in the First-Year Reader.
    • a short paragraph detailing the relevance of that particular paper to your study;
    • indicate whether the article is a primary research paper or a review,  and explain your answer.  

Subject Guide

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