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Moon Library Policies and Guidelines

Information regarding library policies and guidelines related to purchase requests, donations, guest computer use, and more.

Patron Use of the Library


The Moon Library Staff believes that its users should have a pleasant and productive environment for study and research. Therefore, the Library requests that its users comply with the guidelines below so that the library environment is conducive to study and research and that access to all library materials is ensured.

Guidelines for Patrons:

We recognize that students spend many hours in the library and enjoy an occasional snack or beverage while studying. Snack foods and drinks (spill-proof containers preferred) will be permitted throughout the library except in the computer lab (14 Moon), around all library computer stations and in the library Archives and Special Collections.

In order for us to continue to allow the privilege of having snack foods and drinks, we need your help in keeping to a minimum the risk of damage to library property. The key to success will be the willingness of library users to be responsible in their choice of snack foods and beverages and to help by cleaning up, if needed.

Food and Beverages:

Snack foods are permitted.

Eating non-snack foods: The Library reserves the right to ask anyone eating non-snack foods or food about which Library staff has received complaints, to stop eating and put/throw their food away. Anyone refusing to put or throw away their food will be asked to leave the library.

Beverages: spill-proof containers with twist-off or other secure lids are preferred.
Clean it up/throw it away: wipe up accidents, throw away or recycle your food containers and bottles. All bathrooms have paper towels. Trash containers are available throughout the library; please pick up after yourself.

"No Fault Policy:" Tell a library staff member immediately if there is an accident so we can ensure that damaged materials, furniture and carpeting are properly treated and there is appropriate clean-up.

Preferred containers:
Substantial travel-type mugs or cups with secure, sealed lids Pop-top or pull-top sport bottles or other bottles with caps

Cell Phones

Owners of cell phones are expected to turn telephone ringers off, or to the lowest volume level while in the library. If cell phone use is required, users will be expected to move to a location away from fellow students so conversations will not disturb others. Extensive cell phone conversation while in the library is discouraged.

  •     Areas in the library considered designated quiet study areas are off-limits to cell phone use.
  •     In Moon Library, the lower level near the restrooms and vending machines may be used for quiet, brief cell phone conversations.
Study areas

Quiet group study is welcome in the main reading areas. Loud, abusive, or excessive talking in a manner which disturbs others in the library is not permitted.

A Quiet Study Room (103 Moon, main level) is provided for individual study. When using the Quiet Study Room, please refrain from conversing.

The Moon Conference Room may be used by students for study purposes when the room is not scheduled for classes or campus events.


Smoking and the use of smokeless tobacco are prohibited in the library and within twenty-five feet of the library entrance.

Handling of Library Materials

Please handle library materials carefully and courteously. Mutilation of library materials, removal of library materials without authorization, and the concealment of library materials for the exclusive use of an individual or group are unacceptable.


When a patron is in violation of these guidelines they will be approached by a staff member and asked to cease their behavior. Respect for library personnel and compliance with their directives is expected. If the behavior continues during that visit, or a given individual has established a pattern of behavior, the student may be referred to the College's Coordinator of Judicial Affairs for disciplinary action, which will become part of the student's College disciplinary file. Any inappropriate behavior by any library patron may be reported to the University Police.

Thank you:

Compliance with the above guidelines should ensure a pleasant atmosphere for studying and doing research in Moon Library. Your assistance in providing an atmosphere, which enhances the library’s role in the educational process at SUNY ESF, is important and is appreciated.