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Discover Funding with PivotRP: Conferences and Papers Invited

Introduction and Tips

Pivot-RP's Conferences and Papers Invited database is a comprehensive collection of calls for papers issued by professional bodies, journal editors, and other conference organizers in all academic disciplines from all over the world. This feature enables you to search for and identify upcoming conferences and special journal issues where you can present and publish your research. For full documentation see the knowledebase


  • Each word is looked for independently. So a search for baseball football returns items that match both words anywhere in the item. This is the same as searching for baseball AND football.
  • Do not use the articles aan, or the.
  • Searches are case insensitive.
  • With the exception of the hyphen, do not use punctuation marks (slashes, commas, and so forth). Punctuation marks may return erroneous results. This also applies to monetary amounts: leave out any commas or periods: use 10000 instead of $10,000.
  • Use double quotes to search for an exact phrase. "baseball football" returns only items with those two words in sequence.
  • baseball OR football returns items with either or both words.
  • baseball NOT football returns items containing baseball but not containing football.
  • bas* returns items with words that start with bas, such as baseball and basket.
  • (gene w/2 mouse) OR "mouse genome" returns items that have the word gene within two words of the word mouse or that contain the exact phrase mouse genome.