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Discover Funding with PivotRP: Searching, Tracking, Saving, and Sharing

Overview of Features

The guide below will walk you through the steps of searching for, tracking, saving, and sharing funding opportunities in PivotRP. If youcame to this guide in error or are otherwise prepared, proceed to PivotRP


Pivot-RP's main feature is connecting you with available funding opportunities. These opportunities include the sponsor, funding category (keywords), amount, application requirements and deadlines, and where to find more information. Once discovered, these opportunities can be tracked, saved, and shared. Tracking an opportunity helps inform the machine-learning about you and your interests to improve recommendations for you. 

Searching for Funding Opportunities

Tracking, Saving, Sharing, and Managing Pivot-RP Funding Opportunities

Creating and Managing User Groups in Pivot-RP

User groups can be used in Pivot-RP to share information between users with similar areas of interest, such as funding opportunities, newsletters, and other communications. There are two types of user groups:

  • Personal Groups – user groups that any user can create and add users to. Only the creator can add users and information to personal groups.
  • Public Groups – user groups created by a Pivot-RP administrator that are visible to all users who can choose to join the group.

Article detailing the full features of PivotRP Groups