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ESF in the High School: Computer Use in Moon Library

This guide helps high school student looking for help with doing research. Come here for help on how to use library catalogs and databases. Highlights include a list of free online open access journal article databases. Guide created by: Jane Verostek

How to use computers in Moon Library if you DO need concurrent users

As a group who DOES need concurrent users

If you are visiting Moon Library as a group and you need to have concurrent use of computers you will need to make arrangements with the SUNY Outreach Office and the Moon Library staff. Note due to timing and staff we will need at least one week's notice to have this set up.

From our SUNY ESF Administrative Computing Department -

Guest Access for Outreach visitors from BOCES, High school students, etc. 

·     We will need 2-3 days advance notice of the time and number of visitors who will require concurrent computer access, if they need printing quotas, etc.

·      The library, once given notice will notify CNS and request an adequate number of temporary guest id passwords that will be available and usable for the duration of the campus visit.

·     CNS will provide the library with the temporary guest ids for the duration of the outreach/BOCES visit, and those user ids will be terminated after that visit ends.


How to use the Computers in Moon Library if you do not need concurrent users


Who are guest users?
Guest users are local residents and other visitors who are not affiliated with SUNY-ESF, but who are given limited access to the library’s facilities, resources and services as a courtesy.

Why is authentication required?

A sign-on is required to use all public computers in the Libraries. Authentication is necessary to ensure network security.

Why are there different privileges for guest users and students/faculty?

Moon Library’s essential mission is to serve the faculty, students, and staff of the university in their teaching, learning and research obligations. We welcome alumni and guest users, but cannot extend to them all of the resources provided to us by the college. The computers in Moon Library are paid for through a student technology fee, and, therefore, students have priority for their use. Moreover, Moon Library cannot provide enough computers to meet the demand of SUNY-ESF students and researchers. We believe by limiting guest time, everyone will have a better chance of finding an available computer. Also, the improved security that accompanies authentication lowers the risk of a major disruption in service to the campus network. No more than two guest users may be signed in at the same time.

Can I have Internet or wireless access if I bring my own laptop?

No. Guest access is limited to desktop computer use; laptop authentication is limited to faculty, staff, and students. Network data drops in the library are limited and are in high demand by SUNY-ESF users. Wireless access is only provided to faculty, staff, and students to ensure that adequate bandwidth is available for our primary users.

I am a SUNY-ESF graduate. Do I have any privileges beyond those of a guest user?

At this time alumni are not provided with any special computer network privileges. However, high quality research resources are freely available on the web, and, if you are a current New York State resident, numerous research databases are available to you through the New York State Library and the New York Public Library. The Library does extend borrowing privileges to SUNY-ESF alumni at no charge.

By using the library's computers, you agree to abide by the college computer usage policies, Use of ESF Computing and Network Resources.