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News at Moon Library: Library Events

Keep up to date on events and changes happening at Moon Library.

Upcoming Events

Topic: Backboard: Finish Strong & Get Ready
Date & Time: Monday, April 27, 2015; 12:45-1:30 pm
Location: 310 Baker
Presenter:  Jane Verostek & Ruth Owens

Join Librarians Jane and Ruth to learn some tips on finishing up your Spring courses in Blackboard and getting started for the Summer and Fall. Topics covered will include adding content, making content available, how to make your course available, basic gradebook, and tips from experienced Blackboard users. This workshop is intended for new and existing Blackboard users. Faculty and graduate students are invited to attend.  

IQ Throwdown Winners

The Library IQ Throwdown winners are:

Grand Prize Drawing: Sara Smith       

Second Drawing: Emily Artruc 


Would you have triumphed? Check out the answers below.

1. When you see this image, what does it mean? 

  1. It will link you to other resources where you can get the full text.


2. Ruth Yanai wants you to read her recent article on “Evaluating the efficiency of environmental monitoring programs” published in Ecological Indicators.

What would be your first step from the library’s homepage to find out if you can get the full text to this journal from the library?


There are several options (and therefore several correct answers). Some of the best are:

  • Enter the article title into the OneSearch search box and click “Search”
  • Click “Find Journal Titles” (and then you could search for the journal)


3. What can you do if you can’t find the book/article/thing you are looking for?

Best Answer: D) Ask a librarian and/or submit an Interlibrary Loan request

Other correct answers:

  1. Ask a librarian for research assistance
  2. Place an Interlibrary Loan request


4. When searching, what's another word or phrase that you can use to find information about solar power? 

Possible answers include: photovoltaics, solar panels, renewable energy…


5. What other items besides books can you check out / borrow from Moon Library?

E) All of the Above (aka: Maps, Calculators, USB Drives, Movies)


6. What is the correct APA citation for this article? (see below for article)

Hirsch, R. M. (1982). A comparison of four streamflow record extension techniques. Water Resources Research, 18(4), 10811088.


7. What is the title of the ESF thesis written by Weston Berg? (Hint: You may have to leave this room or visit our virtual library).

Local newspapers, drinking water pathways, and dimensions of knowledge: public awareness amid the hydrofracking debate


8. What journal was this article published in? (see below for article)

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment


Photo Credits: Our very own College Bookstore!